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I’ve had a love for fashion my entire life, my mom is my inspiration! I have been involved in the fashion industry as a wardrobe stylist, creative director and backstage dresser for the past 4 years. I have participated in fashion shows, photo shoots, music videos and fashion events in Arizona and California. I have also worked with designers, photographers and models from all around the world. My goal is to become a celebrity stylist and a clothing designer.

Candace Carter






I’m a senior majoring in journalism and mass communications at the Walter Cronkite School of Journalism at Arizona State. My resumé is packed with volunteer work, internships and jobs ranging from PR work at Arizona Foothills Magazine in Scottsdale, writer for Healthista Magazine in London, assistant to publicist for Miami Swim Week 2014, social media leader for Los Angeles Style Week for LAFW 2014 and much more! I’ve devoted myself to my career as I hone my skills as a multi-media journalist and work to perfect my abilities. To break into the fashion industry is a challenge in itself and I’m doing my best to simply leave a mark. I want to one day lead runways shows and plan events according to designers needs and wants. On my down time, I enjoy writing on my blog at Misfitmanual.com, where I write about being human, style and fashion posts and news. Feel free to contact me via my blog or via FFM.

Sara Sargon David



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I’m a fashionista with a penchant for nerdery! My studies in Design Management and Sustainability lend themselves to my everyday~I love to thrift, help people, and find excitement in my everyday life! My hope is to make a difference in the fashion industry through policy changes and community involvement!

Lizz Tingen






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I’m Audrey and I am a 20 year old Fashion Merchandising student at MCC in Arizona! I’m not entirely sure what I want to do post-graduation yet, but I know that the fashion industry has been calling to me since I could pick out my own outfits. Visual styling people, mannequins, and displays is where my passion lies. After NYFW it’s California! I’ll be getting my bachelor’s in Fashion Merchandising and then taking over the world, one stiletto clad footstep at a time.

Audrey Barbe





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I am a strong, motivated, hardworking, young woman, and I do my best in all that I do. My aspirations are to have a successful and flourishing career in the fashion industry. Beginning in high school, I took a leadership role in the fashion club as president and since then has done the same in college; as well as put together school fashion shows and photo shoots, dressed for professional fashion shows in Scottsdale, Arizona, and Los Angeles’ Style Fashion Week. I am planning to graduate Mesa Community College with an associate’s degree in fashion merchandising and Arizona State University with a bachelor’s degree in design management. From these experiences, I hope to find a fulfilling career in Fashion merchandising. My main and largest aspiration is to use the fashion industry to help others in an inspiring and positive way. I have been extremely blessed to be a part of the Female Fashion Movement, and am immensely excited about the opportunities that lie before me.

Miranda Bates

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I have been in the fashion industry since  I was 15. I graduated from Metro Tech High school in 2011 with my Fashion Design &  Merchandise degree. I then moved along to Phoenix College and got my associates in Fashion Design. I’m all over the place: I’ve constructed gowns, tailored suits, coordinated events, directed  fashions shows, and casted models. I’ve had my own line for Phoenix Fashion week and Scottsdale fashion Week. I have also constructed gowns for people like Jose Trifilio, Krista Stone, and made suits for Jo Lance,  and much more. I then took a step to the side and realized I don’t really like sewing that much. And moved along to coordinating events and realized that I really love the PR side of the fashion industry. I am now 21 years old and I’m headed to Florida to intern for Disney World. You just  never know where you might end up.

Samara Zubiri


FFM (1 of 16) I am a junior at Arizona State University majoring in Design Management with a minor in media analysis. I have a background in fashion merchandising, runway production, art direction, styling, modeling, and event planning. I aspire to become a fashion show producer assisting designers in promoting and presenting their latest collections on the runway as well as in the media. I have been blessed with many opportunities to prepare for my career including becoming the queen ambassador for a designer jewelry brand from Alaska called Possibility, directing a fashion show at my college, and interning backstage as a dresser for LA based gown designer Walter Mendez, Suit Supply from London, and Dolcessa Swimwear from Sports Illustrated. I’ve also assisted for the look books of Scottsdale fashion brand, Hues of Ego and Possibility jewelry! Volunteering at New York Fashion Week is a new and exciting adventure for me that will further my knowledge and understanding of merchandising and marketing within the American fashion market. This experience will help me to build new connections within the industry that can lead to future career opportunities and advancement toward my ultimate goal of producing, styling, and directing fashion shows for designers!            Victoria Mohrman

FFM (1 of 1) I am currently finishing up my associates degree in Fashion Merchandising at Mesa Community College. By the fall of 2015 I will begin going to ASU for my bachelors degree in Design Studies. My love for fashion began around the age of 3 when I made my little sisters play dress up with me. Now I have dressed models for shows in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Los Angeles. The next goal on my checklist: New York. My ambitions include: becoming a buyer for a company I love & Designing a children’s clothing line because I adore kids.

Marisa Sanchez




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I enjoy bringing visions of fashion to life. Whether it’s producing, directing, or simply writing, I take great pleasure in every process and I hope to one day do this for a living. Currently, I have an Associates in Fashion Merchandising from Mesa Community College and am on my way to completing my Bachelors in Design Management with a minor in Marketing. I’ve worked as a style team leader during fashion shows in Arizona as well as Los Angeles,  I’ve co-directed a show at my college, as well as art directed photo shoots for several clients.  During my time at Phoenix Fashion week, I’ve gained sales experience by being a leader on the Designer and Buyer’s team as well as leading a design scholarship contest for students. I am currently an ambassador for a jewelry line out of Alaska called Possibility, a sales associate at Gap as well as a fashion consultant at The Velvet Boutique!  I take every experience as another opportunity to grow and I cannot wait to see how we, the ladies of the Female Fashion Movement, will flourish. It is absolutely amazing to be a part of such a strong and tight nit group of women and I know we will accomplish great things!                          Mante Koliakinaite


FFM (3 of 16)I am currently taking a year off from school to explore my interests in fashion as a recent graduate from high school. I spend most of my time reconstructing dresses from thrift stores to skirts or dresses that are my style. You can catch me distressing from day to day events with a needle in one hand and a garment in the other with music as loud as an avalanche. In my spare time when I am not researching the perfect art school to attend this coming fall, I am taking late night jogs through my neighborhood after working at my part-time job as a sales associate.

Rachel Gadzik




FFM (11 of 16)My name is Neri Perez and I am 23 years old, I was fortunate enough to be a part of the female fashion movement by meeting Arianna Sinclair. I took interest in the Female Fashion Movement because I saw it as an opportunity to better myself within the fashion industry. I want to have an influence on the community as well as style celebrity closets. To me, the most important part when it comes to fashion are my clients, without them, I would not be able to express my unique style in fashion.

Neri Perez